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Author: Kul Bhushan Monga
Vedic culture is at least 5000 years old this ancient culture is unique philosophy, science and literature. Vedic astrology is an integral part of this culture and in practice till today. Astrology is one of appendices of Vedas known as Vedangas. Jyotish Vedangas is Vedic astronomy or astrology. Many Rishis- sages kept & maintained this tradition of Vedic Astrology for thousand years. Many Rishis such as Bhragu, Vashistha and Garga are few among those masters of astrology. These masters further took the job of teaching to their disciples in guru parampara. Next is the great Rashi of present age who took Vedic astrology school to new heights in the HE documented in form of great Brihat Parashara Horo Sastra. Parashara Rishi got it done into book form through his disciple Maitreya Rishi. Like this it passed many stages to present days. Thus the basic school of Vedic Astrology is Parashara Rashi & Brihat Parashara Horo Sastra. Almost all Vedic Astrologer of today are following Parashara as important texts on astrology. Many other classic books based on Parashara in Vedic Astrology are like Saravali, Jataka Parijata, Sarvartha Chintamani and Horasara. In India Vedic astrology is most popular and almost all states & city you will find astrologer of Vedic astrology. Chandigarh city is one among those cities in which there are many learned Vedic astrologer. I learned Vedic astrology from one of the best in the year 1979. He used to calculate all calculation in a traditional method on slat (a black stone small board) very accurately. Those days there were no Computer or astrology software like today even than their calculations were so accurate. Their calculations were so accurate that they could pin point day of marriage, date of joining of job etc. very accurately even without the use of computer. Now 1979 I have been into this filed and national & at least 25 counties of the world from where client come for consultancy either personally on Skype yahoo massager or on Goggle Talk. These 33 years of journeys has given me so much satisfaction through my clients as they come back with a sigh of relief. This is so pious profession that GOD have given you a duty to solve problems of others though small easy and effective Practical Remedies (Upayes), which are affordable by everyone. 1. An Astrologer must use elementary knowledge of Astrology to find the accuracy of given data by the client regarding time of birth & date of birth by asking questions which are very clear cut regarding personality of a person or such relevant to make sure that the data is correct upon which future of a person is been analyzed. 2.To suggest a remedial measure for a malefic planet it not an easy task. It requires comprehensive scanning of Horoscope along with transit of planets over the birth chart. 3. Through knowledge of the subject & particular house in study along with knowing specific problem further finding a mischief planet which is creating a particular problem. Finally it come the job of an effective Upayes/remedies of that is a practical and suits that particular person in question. 4.The most important is that an Astrologer must have Grace of GOD that give intuitive power.

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